2019 Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting for District Licensed, Ordained and Retired Ministers

Dear Pastor,

The end of our church year is coming soon. In this email and attachments, you will have all of the information you need to fill out your pastor’s report and other forms needed for district assembly. The APR will need to be completed on line at https://apr.nazarene.org/apr/ and sent to the Global Ministry Center. The other reports, as well as your one page Pastors report, is to be sent to districtassembly@pldnaz.com. If you need these reports in paper form, please respond to this email and let us know and we will send these forms via regular mail. I want to begin by thanking you for your efforts this past year to lead your church in fulfilling the mission of Jesus! It is no small task to create environments where people can connect with the Gospel and sense the Holy Spirit’s call on their life. I hope that you have been able to find joy in serving your Savior this past year.

I also want to thank you for leading your church to invest in others beyond themselves. Because you invested in the World Evangelism Fund, the Prairie Lakes District, Mid-America Nazarene University and Pensions and Benefitsmany lives have been changed for eternity. This past year the Church of the Nazarene was able to commission and send out the largest group of missionaries since 1980. On February 27, the Church commissioned 37 missionaries. Among that group, 10 missionaries were sent to serve in sensitive and creative access areas. Their identities were not revealed in order to protect their ministry and the people they serve. During the 2018 church year, 118 new Nazarene missionaries were sent. People are being led to Christ and discipled all over the world, even in areas we can’t talk about, because of your investment. Thank you!

Here are some things I need you do know and do:

1. Make sure reports are completed and turned in no later than June 20.

2. Include a recent family photo for the handbook. (If you have not already done so in recent communications)

3. Use districtassembly@pldnaz.com for all email correspondence related to district assembly.

4. When figuring out your average attendance for the year, you can drop your four lowest Sundays. We added an extra day this year because of the harsh winter that dramatically affected attendance.

5. Seek to have all funds (World Evangelism Fund, District Fair Share, MNU, and P&B.) sent in by June 15. Make sure any funds sent after May 31 that are to be credited to this church year are marked “2018-19 Church Year.”

6. You will be getting a separate email with your current church and personal information that is in the Journal and Handbook from last year. Please carefully review this information, make changes if needed, and send back to the district office by June 20th as well.

I love partnering with you in serving Jesus!

Steven P. Hoffman, District Superintendent

Church Certificate of Election 2018 (1) (1).docx
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Local NMI Council Address (10).doc
Annual Report Form of Ordained Minister or Licensed Minister (2018) (1) (2).doc
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Alternate Delegate Seating (4).doc
Annual Report of Ordained Licensed Ministers or Licensed Ministers.docx